mentors (1)    Our faculty mentors are full-time members of the Science and Mathematics Departments at Archbishop Mitty High School. They provide us with the opportunity to meet at school several times a week throughout the year and daily during the build period. Mr. Fairley was our Head Mentor since the team’s inception in 2004 till 2015, when Mr. Greene took over the position. We also have industry mentors, many of whom are parents of current or former students. Alumni also make up a great portion of our mentors. They have robotics so ingrained into them, that they are unable to leave our team.

     Our mentors help the team in multiple areas including: robot design, robot fabrication, programming, strategy, public relations, team history and transportation. Even though our mentors help our students in various disciplines, Mitty Robotics is still run by students;this means that our mentors know exactly when to back away and let the students govern and learn.

     The team also has a large group of parent volunteers who provide many necessities we need throughout the year. These family members provide us with food on long weekends, transportation to events and shops, and of course, most importantly, they provide our team members with emotional support and encouragement.

      Mitty Robotics would like to thank like to thank our families and friends for still talking to us after hours of hearing about FIRST, the Archbishop Mitty office for keeping our financials on track, our non-mentor teachers for supporting us while we are stressed during build season, and—of course—all our mentors and volunteers. We would not be TKO without all of you!

Thank you all!

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