We have just entered our eighth week of Build Season! This year’s Build Season is almost complete, with FRC and JV teams working hard to finalize the last touches on the robot. 

This week, the Mechanical Team is working on the intake V4 and is waiting for a couple of parts to be put on the robot.

The Electronics Team has finished wiring up the robotics and are in the process of testing the robot with the Programming team. 

Programming members are working on an estimation for april tags and cameras on the robot, and are testing and improving network communications between parallel robot processes. 

The Media Team, as always, is continuing to update the team’s social media, and are working to get our new team website up and running for everyone! 

The Design Team is creating buttons for the upcoming competition.  

The JV Team is building the mount for the robot arm they started on last week, in addition to making progress with programming and electronics for their robot.

Great work Team! We are making significant progress through our Build Season; check in again next week for more TKO updates!