And that’s it, folks! Our Build Season has officially come to an end in our ninth week! In these last couple of weeks, the FRC and JV teams worked hard: they continued to test and improve their robots, and started to pack for the competition. We are very proud of the work and effort that everyone has put into the robot and preparing for the competition. Congratulations on making it through the 2023 Build Season everyone!

The Mechanical Team this week added covers around swerve modules and has started packing for competition. 

The Electronics Team added a few finishing touches. They fixed some LEDs, worked on organizing the robot’s wires, and mounted the Jetson and Beagle.

Programming continued their thorough work on their auto code for the robot’s autonomous period where the robot operates without a drive team.

Media is updating the team’s Instagram, writing new blog posts, and working to get the new team website up and running. 

The Design Team is continuing to make buttons to celebrate the team spirit at the upcoming competition.

The JV Team spent their time rewiring, programming, and working through some small complications with their robot. Unlike the FRC Team, their competition takes place in April, which gives them some more time to work on their robot. 

Great work team and good luck in the SFR Competition! Make sure to join us again next year for another FIRST Robotics Competition!