Welcome everyone to Week 1 of the 2024 Build Season! Our game this year is “Crescendo” and ever since kickoff on Saturday (January 6th) we’ve been planning and working hard on various projects.  

In the Mechanical aspect of our robot, we made the chassis and shooter for the KIT bot, the basic robot that FIRST gives us, and designed the field elements for this year’s game, so eventually we will be able to test, drive, and score our robot! Apart from working on our kit bot, we are also prototyping the competition bot on Onshape as well as making some parts for it.

On the Electrical side, we started attaching components to the chassis and started connecting power and signal wires across the robot to the central PDH.

Meanwhile, Programming pulled libraries from official FIRST and vendor repositories and relegated tasks to who would code the KIT bot and our competition bot. Then they began writing the code for both robots. They also worked on developing internal libraries of robot code. 

In our other Operations, we are working on t-shirt designs for this year, updating our logo, and writing awards!

As our week closes, we’ve been very busy laying out plans for our robot and our year in general. We hope this build season and competitions this year will be a resounding success!