Times flies, and the second week of build season is officially over! With the kitbot being completed and parts for our competition bot arriving, we’ve been finishing our planning and are starting to build.

Mechanically, we’ve been creating the bumper for our competition bot and have started assembling the parts for the drive train. Other parts have been 3D printed and routed and are being put on the chassis.

The electrical part of our competition bot has also been started! With the finishing of the wiring for the kitbot and arrival of the baseplate, electrical has now started putting components together and connecting wires on the competition bot.

We’ve been programming robot code for the competition bot and prepared the code for our swerve drive! We’ve also been making progress on coding our robot’s autonomous route, as well as configuring our limelight so it can detect where to go. And to top it all off we’ve also gotten a little driving practice in!

Our Operations team has been busy finishing the t-shirt design and making and distributing a template for robot trading cards to other teams!

All in all, we’ve been making very good progress in finishing the designs of our robot, we’ve even started manufacturing it! The basic parts of the robot are starting to come together and we’re starting to speed up as designs close! Check back soon for some weekly TKO updates.