Our third week of build season has come to a close and we’ve made great progress!

The Mechanical parts of the chassis have been fully finished, and we’ve been manufacturing more parts for our out-take and in-take system and we’ve been starting to piece them together. 

On the Electrical section of our robot, we’ve been wiring the e-plate and have finished connecting every component of the chassis, and have started planning what the wiring would look like for our practice robot.

In Programming, we have finished our robot code and began testing swerve and our autonomous code on previous robots. In terms of creating our scouting app for the upcoming competitions, we are building our database frontend. 

M.I.R had their kickoff meeting this Monday, and their game was announced. The game is similar to crescendo but includes three robots. Three teams have been formed and all three have been busy starting to cut metal, CADing and making a design for the robot, and assembling the KIT robot. 

In our team for other operations, we’ve finished the hoodie design and both the t-shirt and hoodie are now on sale for our team! We’ve also been designing pins and posters to show and give out during competitions.

In short, we’ve been making very good progress across all aspects of our robot! Go 1351!