It’s the end of the fourth week of build season, and we’ve continued the momentum from our previous weeks and have made major improvements on our robot!

We’ve added a lot to the mechanical part of our robot, with us attaching the intake-shooter mechanism of our robot to the chassis. We’ve been continually reiterating the specifics—adding omniwheels to our rollers to more easily funnel the game piece into our shooter and optimizing our proximity sensor mounting. In addition, we’re working on various different mounts for electronics, including our limelight for vision.

Speaking of electronics, we’ve finished fully wiring the drive train and crimped the motor wires! We reorganized the wiring on the e-plate, and have moved on to starting to wire our intake mechanism. 

We’ve also been programming the scouting app, fully finishing it, and have started working on a more advanced attendance system. In terms of working on the robot, we’ve finished the swerve software, and has begun and made a lot of progress on programming the dynamics and movements of the superstructure.

M.I.R has been working on the early stages of their competition, making their KIT bots and continuing to design the other aspects of their robot.

In other operations, we’ve been working on writing and interviews for Woody Flowers, making poster designs, and making team personalized pins!

Our fourth week has been spent doubling our progress, and we’re on track for great competitions!