The fifth week has finished, and that’s not the only thing that’s done! We’ve finished many aspects of our robot!

Mechanically, we’ve been adding onto our robot, making the red and blue bumpers, attaching the radio and limelight, and fixing any issues we encountered. We’ve also built a second chassis and tested the drivetrain for it!

Meanwhile, in the programming aspect of our robot, we’ve programmed the limelight and have gone to coding the autonomous period for our robot, making tweaks here and there for the optimal performance! We’ve been finalizing the scouting app, and ensuring that the application is distributed on all of the student iPads. We are also working on fleshing out our custom database front-end, which involves the representation of team statistics during competitions!

The electronics part of our robots have also been busy! We’ve wired up the second chassis for our practice robot, set up 10 new batteries for our competition, and helped mechanical and programming with wiring up the limelight.

M.I.R’s build season is starting to pick up, with the basic chassis of the robots built and with the teams taking stock of the materials they have, preparing to create their own unique robots!

We’ve worked hard in our other operations, with us making more pins, videos, and preparing for N.E.W: National Engineering Week, which starts on February 18th!

Our fifth has been spent with us branching out in our progress, finishing our previous tasks and moving onto the next!