Week 6 has come and gone, and 1351 is in a better shape than ever! 

The mechanics of our robot have been finalized, with us changing belt distances and machining new corresponding shooter plates to change the acceleration of our flywheels. In our list of features, we’ve made new plates for our arm pivot motor system to help with its rigidity, and some new hard stops for our arm. For testing, we also made the stage game element for testing our robot. 

Electrically, we’ve set up LED lights on our robot, and fixed any issues that propped up during testing, continuing general maintenance. 

Speaking of testing, we’ve been programming an autonomous period in our robot and have been driving and scoring with our robot! Making little changes, like adjusting the voltage that goes to each motor, we’ve been optimizing our robot as much as possible as we test! In relation to scouting, we’ve also finished our scouting app and are planning to start practicing scouting techniques soon.

In our other operations, we’ve been making stickers of our team number, making a specs poster, and have also started working on a reveal video! Our preparations for National Engineers Week are also being finalized, so be prepared to see content about it next week.

Meanwhile in M.I.R, the teams are finishing assembling chassis. The teams are also starting to wire their robot, with code starting to be written!

Two weeks to go for SVR, and we’re getting ready for the competition and the fun we’ll have! Week 6 has been spent wrapping up the building part of our robot and moving into the testing and application of it.