Week 7, the last week before the Silicon Valley Regional is here! Since our scrimmage at NASA, we’ve been making finishing touches and small tweaks to our robot to make it as great as possible! The meetings this week have been filled with packing, planning, and testing driving to make SVR a rocking start to our competition season.

Mechanically, we’ve been adding finishing touches and making changes since our  scrimmage at NASA. Changing our intake-outtake wheels and adding more hard stops. We’ve been making iterations t our shooting and innovating on our climb mechanism. 

Our electronics have also been worked on, with us finalizing the LEDS on our robot. Another important task we’ve been doing is testing all of our current batteries, like seeing what their voltage is and making sure that they are competition worthy.

We’ve also been tweaking our programming as we test our driving. Experimenting with swerve and what we’re doing in our autonomous period  along with other robot processes, we’ve been adding the last changes to our robot code to get our robot finalized for SVR!

Our other operations have been kicked up into overdrive, with us refining our technical binder, finishing our specs poster, and completing a Mitty minute to hype up our competition! Scouting wise, we hosted a scouting practice for those attending SVR to make sure that they are on their A-Game.

M.I.R also been kept busy, with us holding an Electronics training meeting on Thursday to teach them about electrical components and how they’re used in a robot.

The clock ticks closer to SVR, and we’re blazing on, ready to compete and ready to test all the skills we’ve been learning this build season!