SVR Review

Mar 12, 2024

On March 1st and 2nd, 1351 competed in the Silicon Valley Regionals and learned so much! Every part of our team was busy at the competition, and it was the culmination of our all efforts this build season. We’ve compiled specific accounts from people who were at the competition and what they felt at the time for your curiosity and convenience. Have fun reading!

“At S.V.R, I was Scouting 60% of the time. As one of the developers of our team’s Scouting app, I was really proud of how it performed. I felt really honored when I was asked by another student if the app was open source, as we had cooked. I had a really good time getting to talk with other teams in the pits.” – A Scouting Member 

“I had fun. Very nice time.” – Drive Team Member 

“SVR was hands down one of the chillest competitions I’ve ever been to. As a member of the pit crew, I have been through many competitions where the robot was damaged after a match, but this time I was always met with a robot that was intact. Overall I loved SVR and seeing the culmination of the past 2 months, not only work, but excel was truly an uplifting experience.” – A Pit Member 

“Out of all my years as a driver, I have never felt a competition that was as structured as SVR. Every pre-match check, in-match setup, and post-match review was meaningful and culminated in a fun competition.” – Driver Team Member