Mr. Cody King

Mr. King joined the Mitty faculty as a computer science teacher and is the lead mentor for the team. As the lead mentor, Mr. King will manage the team budget, plan for the competitions, and communicate with parents. He taught mathematics and computer science for the past six years and was a programming and electrical mentor for team 668, The Apes of Wrath, for the last five years. Mr. King graduated from Mitty in 2011 and earned a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and a Master’s in Teaching from Santa Clara University.

Mr. Andrew Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence has been with the team since the fall of 2021. As one of our mechanical mentors, Andrew leads students in the design and manufacturing of the robot. At competitions, Andrew works with the drive team to determine strategies for our matches and coaches our drivers during the match to execute said strategies. Andrew enjoys playing games, keeping aquariums, and spending time with his cats in his free time.

Ms. Stephanie Federwisch

Ms. Federwisch graduated from Mitty in 2007. Afterward, she graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction. During her undergrad, she worked on EteRNA an online game that crowdsources RNA research to help advance medical science. She now works at Google and attends all of TKO’s meetings and provides insight as a dedicated programming mentor.

Mr. Howard Coffin

Mr. Coffin tries to make robotics an environment where students can express and build confidence in their skills, especially in math and science. He helps out students working on mechanical parts of the robot and teaches students how to safely and effectively use tools in the lab. He studied statistics and robotics in his undergraduate and robotics for his Masters at CMU, during which he researched autonomous mobile robots and statistical methods for robotics. 


With nearly 20 years of mentoring with 1351, Mr. Schmit has continually volunteered since the team’s inaugrual year. As the team’s resident expert on Electrical systems and general problem solving, he can often be spotted around the lab, assisting students in E-Plate and wire routing designs, imparting wisdom on students, and helping present design solution.